A Runcible Round

The murderous Kankers went off in a Sieve
   To cross the Bloody Sea;   
And all of their friends cried, "Happy dead ends!"
   Maliciously nice as could be,
   Their mouths full of moldy Brie.  

The night was bright with yellow light;
   A lightning storm arose.
The Kankers flew a metal kite
   That looked like a boogery nose.
The Bloody Sea delighted to bite
   A rain of torrible crows.

The Sieve was downed; the Kankers were drowned;
   Their bodies washed ashore
   Where they had sailed for.
Their smiling faces looked up from the ground 
   On the hills of the Chankly Bore,
   And sang this runcible round:——

"A bat and a rat and a cat
Convened for a quatical chat:
  They plotted a killing——
  A murder most chilling——
Of bumps in the night that go SPLAT!"



A Hymn to the Almighty

Azathoth almighty, thou lord of all chaos,
   Who knowest not goodness, who knowest not ill,
Who knowest but freedoms and fetters are truthful
   And morals are lies which but fetter free will:

The sunlight hath flown from the swallowing darkness,
   Retreating to hide in——and worry——the west;
(For flee it doth ever the following darkness
   Which followeth e'er in eternal unrest.)

The night hath arrivèd with lightning and thunder
   And rain that delivers the joy of all joys,——
The joy of receiving, enclos'd in the darkness,
   Thy thundering voice in the chaos of noise. 


Fatal Attraction

They come together in the night,
   Amid the leaves, within the bush,
   Noiseless inside the stilly hush,
Beneath the full moon shining bright.

Healthy and large and leafy green,
   She beckons him of smaller size,——
   A woody, twig-like male, who flies
To meet his mate, his mantis queen.

They come together and seem as one,
   As though one twig with greeny leaves
   Were moving much with little breeze
Where shade rebuffs the noonday sun.

They turn their heads to share a kiss,
   Antennae twining round like vines.
   The male ignores the warning signs,
Oblivious to what's amiss. 

The kiss becomes a vicious bite.
   She chews off quickly half his face.
   He holds, despite this, his embrace,——
Holding it fast and gripping tight.

Headless in bites, he needs no head,
   Continuing the lusty deed.
   His queen discovers her no need
Either of this, nor cares he's dead.

Finished with him, herself she frees.
   He twitches yet,——a moving a corse.
   As though a leaf swept by a force
Of gusty wind, she leaves on a breeze.