That Rip Van Winkle woke and went 
   Back home is popularly known,
But how so died the idle gent
   Is curiously left alone.

I'll tell you this: To take a nap
   Into the hills he took a walk.
He ne'er walk'd back and ne'er did hap
   With any kin again to talk.

Within the hills his corpse was found,
   The elder's body lately dead,
Lying upon the dewy ground,
   A pumpkin where'd have been his head.



With a Ballpoint Pen

He kills for vicious thrills again,
And violates the pretty pink,
As always, with a ballpoint pen.

This evilest of evil men
Begins the process with a wink.
He kills for vicious thrills again.

He ties a tipsy perfect 10
He’s going soon to fill with ink,
As always, with a ballpoint pen.

He violates the safe-word, “when,”
And all the while he doesn’t blink.
He kills for vicious thrills again.

He satiates his wicked yen,
And then records the brutal kink,
As always, with a ballpoint pen.

Who the man is and where he’s been
His victims never mind to think.
He kills for vicious thrills again,
As always, with a ballpoint pen.


A Lullaby

Tonight the poltergeists will come
   And rip you out of bed,
And pound your walls, and drum your door,
   And hammer in your head,
And leave you writhing still alive,
   Though rather you'd be dead.

But fear not these; they merely prank;
   Instead the demon fear
That frights away the poltergeists 
   Whene'er it doth appear,
And screams a scream that makes to bleed 
    A stream each mangled ear.

It comes for you, your soul to possess;
   And I do sadly tell,
You have no chance yourself to save;
   So, sleep, and sleep you well—
Enjoy another tender dream
   Before you're dragged to Hell.


Fatal Attraction

They come together in the night,
   Amid the leaves, within the bush,
   Noiseless inside the stilly hush,
Beneath the full moon shining bright.

Healthy and large and leafy green,
   She beckons him of smaller size,——
   A woody, twig-like male, who flies
To meet his mate, his mantis queen.

They come together and seem as one,
   As though one twig with greeny leaves
   Were moving much with little breeze
Where shade rebuffs the noonday sun.

They turn their heads to share a kiss,
   Antennae twining round like vines.
   The male ignores the warning signs,
Oblivious to what's amiss. 

The kiss becomes a vicious bite.
   She chews off quickly half his face.
   He holds, despite this, his embrace,——
Holding it fast and gripping tight.

Headless in bites, he needs no head,
   Continuing the lusty deed.
   His queen discovers her no need
Either of this, nor cares he's dead.

Finished with him, herself she frees.
   He twitches yet,——a moving a corse.
   As though a leaf swept by a force
Of gusty wind, she leaves on a breeze.