Halloween Haiku

acid rain eye drops
psychedelic brainworm infestation
simulated timeless afterlife

pre-mortem autopsy
without anesthesia

666 – 666 + 666 =

Catholic Church of Satan
satanic possession
papal exorcism



A Fantasia by Peter Philips

Peter Philips, speaking an antique dialect of music
In the voice of a needly harpsichord,
And in possession of another musician’s mind and fingers,
Guides me, in a voice-guided visualization,
Through a multi-level maze-garden of sound
Wherein grows nothing which is not splendid:
Thusly I receive a tour of Christian Heaven.



A Hymn to the Almighty

Azathoth almighty, thou lord of all chaos,
   Who knowest not goodness, who knowest not ill,
Who knowest but freedoms and fetters are truthful
   And morals are lies which but fetter free will:

The sunlight hath flown from the swallowing darkness,
   Retreating to hide in——and worry——the west;
(For flee it doth ever the following darkness
   Which followeth e'er in eternal unrest.)

The night hath arrivèd with lightning and thunder
   And rain that delivers the joy of all joys,——
The joy of receiving, enclos'd in the darkness,
   Thy thundering voice in the chaos of noise.